Equine Retirement at Stony Ridge Farm

 Welcome to Stony Ridge Retirement Farm

    Stony Ridge Retirement Farm offers an idyllic environment for your equine retiree to live out his days.  Here in south central Kentucky, your horse will enjoy acres of lush pasture on rolling hills in a moderate climate.  Spacious run-in sheds, herds grouped by temperment and daily care will help keep your horse happy and healthy. We offer complete care for your retiree so you don't need to worry about his welfare. Updates and pictures are sent frequently and whenever upon request. We offer a complete pelleted feed to our retirees as needed to keep the weight on as well as any supplements you would like him to have.  Each horse here at Stony Ridge receives individual care and attention every day.

Skye, Mookie and Till, a few of our long-time residents